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Our goal has always been to use our vast knowledge and experience in the California, Oregon, and Colorado cannabis industries, and apply it to the CBD/HEMP industry. We possess a passion for growing, extraction, branding, and providing the highest quality, most unique products available. Whether you’re looking to relax on the couch, stroll through nature and mediate, or seeking alternative remedies for other conditions, we have products to suit you. HempTradeSupply is committed to bringing people the purest and highest quality CBD products, we are proud to offer ORGANIC, all-natural, lab-tested CBD flowers and extracts. Our vision is to produce organically sustainable plant spirits that will improve and enhance your chosen lifestyle.


HempTradeSupply is your one-stop online shop for hemp extracted CBD products, and THC-free products.

I started using Green Remedy CBD Oil, back in March of this year( 2018).

I had been on numorous pain pills in the past and I just got tired of the controversary surrounding OPIOIDS! I truly hated feeling like I did or was doing something wrong be taking pain pills..

Anyhow, I tried CBD Oil, the second the oil was placed under my tongue, by a friend, I started crying!! For the first time, in 10+ years, I HAD NO PAIN! For me, it worked in seconds!! just a few seconds!

I am proud to say, I am PILL, ANXIETY and PAIN FREE!! WOOHOO!! YAY ME! Also, for me, The CBD OIL, has seemed to repair my “pain receptors”… I say this because, Although I had been prescribed MORPHINE, prior to my use of CBD OIL, It was no longer working to treat my back pain… CBD OIL, to my Rescue!

Name – “Lawrence Lurrie”


I had a seizure last month out of no where. Drs didnt diagnose me with epilepsy. But they found a lesion on my brain which caused severe anxiety. Which they think caused the seizure I started taking cbd two days after the seizure. And I swear by it. I dont have the panic attacks. The nerves have settled. I dont feel angry any more. Theres so much to cbd that has its benefits. You must look into it

Name – “Scott S.”

Started cbd oil after my hemmorgic stroke in February 2018. Spent a month in ICU. Definitely helps with muscle pain and myocolonic jerks from stroke and PTSD. Didn’t want to go pharmaceutical route. Doing better than expected.

Jordan / CEO


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