Hawaiian Haze

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Musty, sweet earth, and plant matter. When ground, the flowers exude big notes of sweet, pungent tropical fruit, with a hint of sharpness akin to ammonia.

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Full of medium-to-large-sized buds, this batch of Hawaiian Haze is a stunner! The flowers aren’t the most dense we’ve ever seen, but they’re beautifully shaped, and sport many gorgeous shades of green, from lime to forest. As always, this flower was grown without any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

Despite the extremely low concentration of THC, Tweedle Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.


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2 reviews for Hawaiian Haze

  1. Charles Coles

    Hawaiian Haze- I heard about this great hybrid CBD hem products from one of my friends. After a long time, I bought it from Kifpots. Well, it is a great product from every CBD hemp product lovers. Thanks, a  lot for such a great item. Highly recommendable item!

  2. Robert Conrad

    I was looking for quality Hawaiian haze for many days. One of the friends has suggested this store. And, to be honest, I am highly satisfied with the quality. Price is also quite reasonable. Thanks to Kifpot.

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